WELCOME to VO Jack – AKA British Voice Actor Jack Glanville.

Jack is, surprisingly, in his 20s, currently based in London, UK, and records either from his own professional home studio, or any other studio should the need require. He found a love of voice acting through a combination of a love of performance, radio presenting, and working professionally as an Advertising Copywriter.

Despite his youth, he has a mature, deep, rich speaking voice, but can also call upon a great range of tones and accents to suit all kinds of characters (to listen to the most recent showreels… check out the Voicing page).

He’s also moonlights as an actor, writer and editor for various media – a real Jack of all trades! Jack’s Spotlight is 0931-6727-5091. Check out his page

Whatever you need him for, Jack’s your man!


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A selection of clients Jack has worked with.


“Great voice talent, a pleasure to work with.” – Peter C Whitaker

“It was such a pleasure working with you this morning! I hope we can work together again.” – Anne Swist

“Thanks so much for the quick turnaround Jack 😊 Much appreciated. Pleasure working with you all as always” – Kerry Aldam

“This guy has got the greatest radio voice!” – Andrew Samuel

“Thank you so much both for your time and for your patience today. You give such brilliant direction and I had such a great time” – Cathy Stacey