Jack’s not just a voice… he’s a person too!


A collection of highlights, and funny points, from Jack’s work as a Presenter!


On the Radio

In 2010, whilst at university, Jack started presenting a show on Insanity Radio (103.2FM). He immediately got the radio bug – and carried on presenting weekly before departing university (degree in hand) in 2013. Coincidentally, he also received the award for “Best Male Presenter” at the 2013 Insanity Radio awards.

In 2014, Jack started interning at Wessex FM (97.2FM). A year later, not content with just becoming Creative Copywriter for the station, Jack also became a resident DJ with the Wessex FM Disco, as well as a Cover Presenter for the

station – so basically, he was pretty busy!

In 2017, Jack returned to his spiritual home of Somerset, and presented a Breakfast Show weekly on Apple FM (97.3FM). He had previously presented a Drive-Time Show in 2014 before he got his break at Wessex FM.


Compere/Master of Ceremonies

Never afraid to be in the spotlight, Jack has turned his talents to Compere/MC for events on many occasions. Utilising his theatrical talents, as well as his training in Improv, Jack has been a Quizmaster, Host, Compere, DJ and Master of Ceremonies for several events in his time.

Most recently, Jack became Captain Jack for Reminiscence Learning‘s “People Make the World Go Round” event, to high acclaim from both organisers and visitors alike.

 Wessex Wheels

Wessex FM messing around with motors… and Jack has a double-header, as Voiceover AND Presenter!

Not just a face for radio, eh? To employ Jack’s services – make sure you to get in contact.